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Sunday Story 4

So its another Sunday and time for another story. Pull up a chair, grab a blanket, come gather round. I have put on a pot of tea and made some scones. Come enjoy a little short story. :D

 Sunday Story #4 She was sitting by the window of the coffee shop. It was just another Sunday, right? Another coffee shop? Another time she spent alone? This time was different. She was in Seattle for research for her new book and was not familiar with this coffee shop. He had picked it for them to meet.

The weather was showing how she was feeling on the inside with its dark and feverish sky. She was anxious about her meeting and the sky reflected it. The clouds came in quickly just like her anxiety did.  Her mood and this weather scared her and in her walked. The guy who she would be meeting to discuss her book with.

She thought her heart would stop.He was so good looking. He had dark skin, maybe Italian and dark hair, maybe he was Greek; whatever he was he was nothing short of gorgeous. She caught h…

Sunday Stories 3

So another Sunday is upon us. Today All weekend it rained. Yesterday was spent curled up reading finishing another book. Summer of reading is at book 16 now. Book 16 is Alice Munro, Too Much Happiness. I just finished The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted by Bridget Asher. I highly recommend it. It was an amazing book. You know its good when you feel part of the characters lives, you are rooting for them and when you are done with the book you are sad.

Today started like every other Sunday. I went to church and heading down to my favorite coffee house. Books in hand,bible for church, journal for writing. I went to the coffee house, bought my lunch and sat at a table by the window. I loved the natural light. I am drawn into it. I sat and bathed in the light. I sipped on my coffee , ate my lovely lunch and got out my 16th book and dove in. I devour books like there is no tomorrow. I engulf myself into the location of the story. I absorb the characters and their lives fill me.

I spoke…

Sunday Stories 2

It turned into a long night last night, which made the morning late. I ended up missing church and I had them to blame. I realized something, it wasn't the lateness I was mad at, it was the rhythm on my day being off. What I normally did on a Sunday was now gone. I had two choices , either to dwell on it and ruin my day or make brunch as it was so late in the morning. I went with brunch. Pulling eggs and flour and everything together to make pancakes I set in to cook brunch for my sleepy Sunday bunch. Having them here is a blessing.

Brunch was a success and shortly after everyone was on their way,except me. I was home. I was staying. I wasn't even stepping outdoors today. I was ok with that. I realized I could read a book, relax, get some laundry done and enjoy my lazy sleepy Sunday and go with the new flow. I learned to move along with life today. That is a giant step for me. I took a large glass of sweet tea, my book and took a deep breath and relaxed today.

Sundays I zoom …


so I always say a peach is a peach, but apparently I am wrong. Lane Southern Orchards has to many varieties to name. I played tourist today with my friend and we toured the farm. We were the only ones on the tour and our tour guide was an elderly man who loves doing the tours. He was so sweet to us. As we got in our tour seats, he sliced a peach and gave us pieces. I say a tour that starts with a dripping sweet Georgia peach is peachy with me. (sorry couldnt resist)

We drove around the whole farm and learned that you cannot pick a tree till it is in its third year. Also they are now letting the trees grow taller and ladders need to be used now to pick. Some of the Pecan trees we saw were 75 yrs old. We learned about the workers from Mexico and saw their housing and store.

We drooled over many peaches, so wanted to share some photos with you from today's tour. We have a lot of fun, got a slice of a peach, an experienced tour guide and then went inside to see (again) how they are br…

Sundays Stories

I enter the church as I do every Sunday, but today is different. I can feel it in my bones. I realize I am filled with unending blessings of thankfulness. I realize my hearts not heavy with burdens.On my lips is a cheerful greeting for everyone, Good morning,,,good morning,,, how are you? Blessings be with you. No one at this church really knows me yet, but they all say good morning and speak to me happily. This place is pure magic. I decide I need to be the change in the world that I want to see. I hug everyone who greets me. They hug me as if I was their family member. This is a safe place, no judgement, no hatred, just love.

Everyone takes their seats and all I hear around me is low chatter until the pastor walks in. The chiming of the hour calls us all to worship. Everyone hustles to sit down.

The pastor does the weekly announcements. There are plenty of activities going on and you can feel the energy of the church. Children hurry around as vacation bible school is talked about.

my day in a story (something a little new)

Early morning, the sun is rising and filling the coffee house with sunbeams.They fall on me softly like a hug embracing me. A couple comes in, chattering away. She is wearing a natural fedora hat. It has a large black ribbon around it. It is tipped to one side. She looks as if she is on a journey. Maybe she is, but right now she is just out for coffee. The guy who is with her is holding her hand gently. He sways their arms back and forth with much affection for her. Interlocking fingers stroking each other.

Suddenly a new man arrives in this story. The two men embrace for a brief moment. The lady just nods at him and awkwardly stands to her boyfriends side. This new man in this scene is many years their elder. A friend of the younger mans maybe? With coffee in hand they all sit at a table nearby. Everyone in this place can hear them laughing and talking about old times together. I am secluded in the corner. They do not even notice me. I have a straight view, stage left, at the entranc…

Love, music, poetry and men

I recently read a book that said to forgive people, because you weren't hurting them by not forgiving them, you were hurting yourself. You take up space in your heart with anger and by forgiving them you made room for love. Love comes in many forms. You could love a new person certainly, but you can love more activities or books or new outings, or just about anything else. The key was you had room to fill. You could enjoy more in life cause you had room in your heart for something new. Something happy. Something wonderful.

Recently a friend who I love came back into my life. He is a great guy and I have been friends with him for a very very VERY long time. (not telling you how long cause in my head I'm young) We don't always keep in touch (just like everyone else), but when we talk it is if we did not miss a beat with each other. At one point we had a falling out and it took time and forgiveness on both our parts to piece the friendship back together. I can not imagine my…