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Writing Promp #15...and here we go....

It is that time again. Autumn and another photo prompt. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I have said that time and time again. As a photographer and writer I find inspiration in the changing of seasons and new photo prompt for autumn. We have so many sights  and sounds at this time of year. We have leaves crunching under our feet, we have blustery days and with them laying of clothing. We have an abundance of apples, abundance of hiking trails to view the colors, and we have gathering of family in friends as Americans celebrate Thanksgiving later this week.

With so much going on we might struggle to write, but write on we must. For this writing prompt I thought I would include something a little out of season. Perhaps this will encourage you to think outside your box. I hope you are all enjoying fall, writing, taking photos, and I hope you all ( if you are in America ) have a great thanksgiving.

So here is week 15's photo prompt for you:

A little something for your eyes. Hand s…

Photography Shots & My Vantage Point

So it is not surprise with all my photos on my blog that I am a photographer. I realize though that I honestly do not talk about the process. I do not tell you why I shoot what I shoot and I have not told you about why I use the camera I do. Recently I did an artist statement for my photography and I want to share some of it with you, so you know why I take macros mostly and what I want to achieve by taking these.

So here is part of my artist statement:

life's musings and writing prompt 15

Relationships and connectivity have been on my mind a lot lately. I mean all relationships. Mother/daughter Sister/Brother Girlfriend/boyfriend and all the other kinds you can come up with. Why are relationships so important in our lives? Why do we define ourselves by who we are connected with?

I realize lately that connecting with a person is of great importance to our happiness. Hear me out.
We can survive alone. I know this, but we miss out on listening. We miss out on opportunities to connect to someone who could give us a deeper understanding of ourselves. We miss friendships, belly laughs, and so much more. Connecting to another human and sharing our beliefs, our hobbies, our lives allows us to have a broader understanding of humanity as a whole.

We need out tribes. I have a small group of woman friends who are my tribe. They are shakers, believers, day dreamers, my anchor and my wings. These lovely ladies are part of why I am who I am. I listen to them. I admire them. I see the…