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life's uglies

so I've been reading,,,again, no surprise. Lately though I have been reading about Buddhists. Other religions have always interested me. Other beliefs, other way of living. While I am not a Buddhist, I find it interesting, because so many of their beliefs can be translated to the every day for all.

Recently the book has said that basically life is full of uglies. ( I'm paraphrasing) but in life it is how you choose to deal with those uglies that define you. How you deal with being knocked down, losing loved ones to death, losing a job, or whatever else life throws at you. I find it interesting that so many people go through life so mad, full of hatred that comes out at so many people who do not deserve it. You found out someone you love has cancer, you bite the waiters head off, or you find yourself without a job and you cut of people on the road and give them a middle finger. We connect one thing to the other when in reality they have nothing to do with each other. We do not…


Summer is very different depending on where you are in the world. In Georgia it is way to hot to go hiking or to the lake. Most people do activities in early morning outside or wait until fall. I am working Summer City camp for kids and loving it. I also have family around a lot lately. I have had a full house. My yard has been used as a parking lot and my heart has LOVED everyone here. No one need say it, I know I am truly blessed. My kids like being here, their significant others like being here. Here is not a bad place to be. I am surrounded with love.

I finally was able to finish Crime and Punishment and as that was the longggggggggest book I have read in a long time, I can say,, YEAH!! happy to be done. Now reading new ones. I love to read. If someone would ask me if I was reading over summer, id yell out YES!!! I am in love with literature. Good thing I am an English major eh?

I  love working with the kids at camp also. I am so lucky to have gotten this job. It showed me again I…