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celebrate the littles

Christmas was magical. Everyone was home,my heart was filled and it was magic. We crafted together, for the first time in umm forever, and made Christmas felt ornaments. I had cut them out ahead of time and did tons thinking  maybe some for next year. Everyone did four and we were at it for hours.We talked and sewed on buttons for ornaments on trees and stars and more. That was a little moment I celebrated. Christmas came and what I will remember enjoying the most.. we turned off the TV, we ate, ALL PHONES AWAY (MIRACLE) and we talked, but afterwards we gamed. All board games, no Wii, no phones,, Sorry, Life, Jenga and dont break the ice. We laughed and again,that was a little I celebrated. We all need to slow down, put technology away more and belly laugh. Did you know it is proven that deep belly laughs are good for your health? Well they are!!!

Today I made homemade waffles for breakfast. We ate together. I celebrated the litttles. Big things are worth celebrating, but  if we wait …

holiday hussle

I have never had a lot of friends,nor been on ten peoples list for holiday parties and im glad. Im a homebody and I enjoy a family simple Christmas. Ive kept the decorating simple and I am keeping the dinner simple too. I have tried to lighten everything this year and I think it actually worked. Normally it takes me a week to decorate, this year a day, and the rest went back into the attic. Nice cream colors, whites, not a lot of bright reds and greens. I am even making felt ornaments this year with my adult children to decorate the tree and house.

One think always happens..sugar cookies!! And we bake a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. I have strong faith and I hope my kids will someday too. Family,baking, and crafts and games. We lightened the load and it feels great.
I hope this year you feel relaxed. Enjoy time with friends and loved one and remember its ok to say NO to somethings. People have their own hang ups and sometimes get mad, but you have every right to say…

a room with a view

life sometimes catches us by surprise and sometimes its what we expected. Whatever is going on in your world, I hope life does not have you upside down and you are doing well. Christmas is fast approaching and while I am most definitely not where I want to be right now, I am ok. I am strong internally and I know I will be ok. My life has never been easy. Seems like I always get to where I need to be, but not my way. Life takes detours and journeys we wish would not happen.

With losing my job, of 13 years, this Feb. I found myself unemployed and I still am. With that though I got to go to school full-time. Which brings new struggles like how to pay for gas to get to the school 40 min away. Also this week,, Sunday night a 36 hour migraine hit and I was down. Tues I felt half alive and had to muddle through two finals. Trust me when I say, that did not go well. Today I woke up and it started again. Head pounding and so on. I have been on all sorts of meds and now I am trying some herbs t…

December Depression

Depression is one of those things people don't really talk about. It is still sort of taboo. With the holidays approaching it feel it creeping in. I do not know why, but the holidays make me a little depressed. It is a season of giving and love and light. I think part of the depression is my grandparents are deceased. They were the holidays for the family. Another reason my mom and family are up north. Which was fine when I had a husband down here to share the holidays with, but been divorced since 2002 and now the holidays are just hard. Emotions run high for everyone during the holiday. This year I lost my job of 13 years. I am not in school full time I am struggling to pay the lights and heat and life has just gotten rougher. At the same time I do have so many blessings. My kids will be with me for the holidays and they now MAKE my holiday great. I love gaming with them, playing cards and enjoying our time together. This year I can see some holiday movies added to the mix.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends

So wanted to pop in  quickly between stirring and wish all the people who celebrate a very happy Thanksgiving. :D
Crock pots are simmering away. The turkey is closing in on its last hour. I hope you are all having a super holiday. And yes I do boxed stuffing. I did homemade once, my kids said no no never again heheheh Happy Holiday Season to you all

a little holiday cheer

Well hello strangers. Ive been buried in school work and trying my damnedest to get one A. This semester has not be easy on me and with still looking for a job and trying to go full time again next semester,,stress!!!
But enough of that, schools almost out for Christmas. And I get a few weeks to pull my sanity back into my head. Im actually enjoying writing an 8 page paper to prove nothing!! You got it,nothing. Im doing a deconstructionism paper and it proves the text actually doesnt have a meaning. What a concept after every teacher tells you to find the meaning. You know I jumped on this one..and Shakespeare, who I normally hate. who knew!!

I hope you are all safely traveled to wherever you will be, for the thanksgiving holiday. In the US we celebrate with family and friends around the table, say what we are thankful for and enjoy good friendships, games, wine and cheese, and lots of laughter. My son and daughter in law will be coming down and my daughter still lives at home so will…

Black and white Mood

I am in a black and white mood. It makes life simple and with all the struggles I go through, losing some color is good sometimes. I like to take black and white x mas photos too,,dont kill me. Recently been simplifying my home and goodwill pile is getting huge. I have to many photos,frames, misc items and trinkets around my home. I want it simple and after a few hours the other day it looks so much better. I just wanted to take a few moments and share some photos with you and hope as we go into this holiday season that life is simple for you. Remember you can say no! and dont feel guilty when you do!!



Life, connection and Sharing

Some days you feel like you have nothing to give. Not that you cant go on, because you can, you just feel like anything worth contributing has left your being. Then we are reconnected and share. We meet new people who listen to us and learn. We might not have cured cancer, but we have been there and done it and can share the bumps with others. Life has a way of kicking you in the teeth. We have all had those days, then there are days that remind us that WE are the ones keeping ourselves down. We are the ones who think we have nothing to give, but really we have tons.

People have different journeys in life. We aren't all going to the same place at the same time. Just imagine the traffic jam that would cause. We set our feet one in front of the other and before you know it, we have made a journey. Today with sharing my writing with others I connected. I was not judged. Tomorrow I do it again with a writing group I belong to. We share, we connect, we journey. Sharing a piece of yours…

New Jersey Love


a new poem

Wow has it been almost a month since I wrote in this sacred space? Life has gotten away from me and I feel like im slipping farther and farther behind. I am still looking for work,but currently going to school fulltime. I have joined some groups and I am working on thinking more globally and not so internally.

I also have been learning learning learning. I always feel like im so behind everyone else when they speak in classes. I dont feel smart, im not a young 18 year old student (though thank the lord for that one) I realized I am not what "I" thought I should be..till today!! We were discussing something in one of my classes and I answered brilliantly and I thought BAM! finally my brain has kicked in. The teacher even commented on it and said I said it brilliantly. I answered with info from three previous classes and thought wow I did learn something. I am my own worst critic. I am super hard on myself and I feel like I have to work three times as hard as eve…

Poem 2

So sharing again. This is my 2nd poem in my one class. First is the rough draft, 2nd is the new copy.

Life Paths; enjoying the journey

So first off, I have added Creative Writing as a minor to go with my BA in English im working on. I am taking my first class and its my favorite. I fell in love and fell in love hard. Yesterday we did a peer workshop where I read a poem and then sat and could not speak while others said things about it. Thanks to another professor I'm part of a writing group and I now do not turn beet read when people critique me. I mean even a few months ago, many of you didn't even know I wrote. *shocker coming,sit down to read hahaha* I am working on my first short story.!! I do not have much time to work on it with four classes, but I do so love when I get into the flow and the story unfolds. I do not know about many other authors,but for me, the story unfolds as I write it. I do not have the whole thing in my head before hand. There is a Crossroads Writing conference coming up and I am all up for donations to send me :D *hint hint* I went last year and  let me tell you, it was great to ta…