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Life , Love and chasing learning, or as I like to calling it, keeping up with Biology

Well Hello Strangers,
How are you all? Its been busy,, went on a spiritual retreat. It was an interesting experience.  I did hike down to the lake Sunday alone as all slept and did yoga with the ducks, well and some wild turkeys.

Im struggling with Bio. You prolly guessed that. I had one bad semester a few years ago where I didnt know if I would pass two out of the three classes I was taking, I promised never again, so as I wont tank on the class, I am trying so hard to grasp it all. Honestly taking Health along with win :D

Ive bought a new Orchid ,im sure, hybrid Plant. Ive owned it a week. New Record for keeping an orchid alive. Im taking French and American Lit over the Summer. Still looking for work,but ya know,goes slow. So school it is for right now. Might just be the push I need to go faster to get my degree.

I havent written a whole lot lately. Did write a poem about Satan as the Evangelist at the retreat kept going on and on about him. Ill edit it and share with you s…

Cool Spring Night

Greetings all,
to catch you up, ive lost my job,but im working on unemployment now. I can go to school fulltime tho now, so might be a blessing. I have cracked the 230pnds finally and weighing in at 228. Still doing the gym three days a week and yoga 2-3 days a week. Good lord I love yoga...who knew!!

Last night was a cool night. I slept with my bedrooom window open and the air felt so good. It brought me back to my childhood and my grandparents. I used to spend many a night at their house as I loved them more then life itself and them right back at me. And this popped into my head.... was a cool night. The air floated upon my body as if it was a feather tickling me. I rememeber this air. I welcomed it back. I always longed to be with them. I used to lay in my room with the window open and listening to some summer tunes. Back then we had 8 tracks playing and she always sang along. He always not judging me and loving me like Jesus does. No judgement no harsh words. They worked…