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Poetry and Types of Poems

So we all know, well people who write poetry most know of Haiku and Sonnet styles. My favorite is an Acrostic type of poem where you use a word like LOVE and write a poem using each letter as the first letter of each line. Like this:

Latter he went to her at the lake
Over the frozen water he floated
Very determined to be with her again
Every time they were together was magic.

But recently I have looked at all my writer books, my poetry books, and my books from my undergrad and they all stop at Haiku and Sonnet. This prompted a search and this blog post. I wanted to share with you what I found.

ABC poem is where you use each letter of a poem to write a poem about feelings or whatever.

Allegory is a poem with a deeper meaning under the underlying words.

Cinquain: A Cinquain is a poem of 5 lines of varied length and rhyme. The main feature of a Cinquain is that the first line consists of 1 word, the second of 2 words, the 3rd has three and on it goes. Sestina (Sestine): This is a type of …

Pretending Poem

Sometimes I write short stories. Sometimes I write poetry. Sometimes a little of both or none. And if none then I read. This quote inspired this poem and I hope you like it.

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” — Kurt Vonnegut
I pretended to be a wife,
he pretended I was his life.
I pretended to smile,
he pretended not to notice it had been awhile.
He pretended to show affection,
I pretended our love was not an infection.
His arms did not hold me,
I yearned for him to be bold with me.
We pretended to care and go through the motions,
We pretended to love and live in the emotion.
Pretending we performed, pretending we lived,
Pretending in the end was what cost us our love.

Life is sometimes real, but for some it is pretending to see the light even though they live in darkness. So many people deal with depression,suicidal thoughts, and numerous other mental orders. They are not visibly seen by others, but are a silent suffering disease. I wrote this fr…