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There is a change in the Air. I can feel it cause I can breath again in Georgia without the hot hot hot heat. Its nice in the mornings.  A little chilly in the late evenings. I wanna sit outback and knit in my swing till I cant see the yarn anymore. Im blogged down with classes.Its all I can see right now,so tomorrow,im going hiking. Yep,gotta get  numbers,terms and definitions out of my head and breath again. What do you do to get your bearings back in life? Whats your third place? Have you heard that term before? You have your home,your work and your ____________ place. Yeah your third place,its where you go to get away,to vent,to refill your soul with joy? Where do you go for your third place? Share with me today.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.Ill be happy hiking in the woods alone :D
PS not really alone,they have turtles,snakes,birds,alligators and more at this park hehehe

Sharing more stories today..


Sharing stories over at Shutter Sisters today....

this months theme over at Shutter Sisters is "Story" These love letters were sent to me in 1987 from my ex husband while he was in basic.they are in blue envelopes with the wings on them,,even today,after being divorced 9 yrs they still bring me peace Even with the divorce, I still think of it as my great true love :D or


Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It comes in slow in Georgia and a bit late,but I can already notice some changes. I don't suffocate in the mornings when I go out the door.There is a rustling of the leaves already. At night we actually drop down below 80. That hasn't happened in about 3 months. There is a shift in peoples attitudes.The end of the dead heat is coming and they know it. There are friends to get to chat with outside again.People to stop and have a drink of tea with. You want to linger more and enjoy the noticing of the change. Im in classes Monday- Thursday and I feel like im missing it. I have this gift of a three day weekend as the seasons change and I can watch it happen. I hope you relax more,chat more,go walking more. Take time to slow down....see it all happening.The wonders of Autumn are upon us and I for one cant wait!!

Do you Blarter??

So my sweet friend Molly has this great site. Ive recently set up to do 2 trades and im so excited about them both. Its called Blarter,,blog/trade.  You set up what you want to trade and you wait for someone to contact you to trade. I just contacted two lovely ladies and I am doing two trades. Next though I think Ill list something to trade too. Its really fun to get things from others in the mail and send presents too. Come by,say hello to Molly (who is one of the sweetest ladies ever) and come trade along !!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the last official days of Summer. Living in Georgia in this heat,let me say WELCOME AUTUMN!! come quick!!!