I often wonder about my life. I think I have a small life. I barely interact with anyone cept work. I love to sit in my living room chair and crochet or knit and no tv. I took the Tv out of my bedroom since my divorce and people dont understand it. I appreciate people buying me lovely technology gifts,but I dont know how to use them and they then sit and do nothing.Sometimes not even making it out of the box and I feel bad,but honestly im ok without them. (not that they are bad or anything like that) I wonder if in my small life if I have more to do in my life. I think I do. Im going back to college Monday night. Working fulltime and being a single mom isnt enough. (rolling eyes at self) I want to learn more. I want to broaden my world. I do,do it sometimes ,but then I go back to my hole. I wonder if thats a bad thing. I love my hole of life in my wall. (so to speak) I want my degree, I want to learn,id LOVE a new camera and to do family and infant sessions.There again id have to leave and broaden my world. Is there something wrong with enjoying a small life? Ive had kids, I had a marriage,im going to school now,but honestly im happy with my small life. It has meaning,im happier then ive ever been. Should you want more out of this world? I wonder sometimes if im leading my life right,but then its my life,so I am the only one who can say. Well God might have a word or two to say about it. I often wonder,,,,how about you?


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