cold winters night

so on this cold winters night all I want to do is crawl into bed till spring. I am thinking with classes starting in two weeks and working in my schools bookstore for the next two weeks that, that is probably not a good idea. I live in Warner Robins, Ga and usually its not bitterly cold. Well right now it is. I am originally from New Jersey and grew up in the snow and knew I hated it. Living down south we do not usually have to deal with this,but this year is bad. We are supposed to get down to 12 degrees. I realize some of you are colder, but for me in Georgia, that is a bad temp.

Every year all my friends pick a word for their upcoming new year. I usually go along, but this year im picking an attitude instead. Im picking to be STRONG, have courage and persevere. I have had a hard year. They seem to get tougher and tougher and now with more things going on,,worse, but I have great faith in God and I know  this is just a low period in life and he has great plans for me. I will be STRONG and know I am not alone and will push on and sooner or later get to a good part of life. I talked about depression during the holiday season, a few blog posts ago, but with everything thats happened to me I feel strong. I push forward into the next thing,its bad, then the next worse,,well at some point I will hit the good. Its there,,somewhere and I just need to keep having faith to get there!!!

I find my mind focusing on so many little blessings. I live for the small moments of joy and I appreciate everything in life more now. I feel like im in a shadowy valley and finding my way in the dark,but each thing I find brings light. I have friends, I have heat, I have my kids who love and adore me. ( I love being a mom) My kids know how much ive sacrificed for them over the years and how I still would if I could give them more. Family means so much to me. But finding candles on sale at goodwill makes my day. Sharing coffee with a friend is heartwarming. So as this year come in freezing cold, my heart is warmed by all the joy around me in this world. Instead of shutting down, I find myself opening up. I talk to more people, I smile at strangers. It is odd to me how God is using me right now, but he is. I make people feel better daily and I love doing that.

I hope you are staying warm. I did go hiking the other day to renew my soul, so I leave you with a few pics from my walk. ( come on you know I took the camera) I hope you are all staying warm and loving all you have tonight. You are blessed,,even if you dont know it yet :D



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