The New Norm

Relationships have an ebb and flow like everything else in life. A relationship is an organic thing. It changes, it adapts, and if it is a good one, it will grow from each adaption. In the natural world if you do not adapt you die, if you do not adapt in a relationship it ends. A couple needs to move and flow through their relationship over streams, over mountains, under bypasses, and anywhere else the relationship shall wind.

Recently my relationship has  had a huge mountain throw in its path. My sweetie was moving his stuff to live with me in Georgia, from Texas, and had an accident and broke his arm. We needed to ebb and flow like the dickens. He made it home and we have been finding a path to our new routine. Life throws broken arms at you (not literally ) everyday. Flat tires happen, broken bones, happen, illness happens and so on and so forth. The ebb and flow instantly changes. A couple needs to move around the mountain to sustain a happy and healthy relationship.

January will be 17 months for us. We are by no means a perfect couple, but we do adapt pretty well together. If only one person adapts and the other one does not, the one who does not will be swept away in the current of change. Life is full of uncertainties, but one should not be that you can not count on your partner.

New norms happen all the time. We change jobs and have new alarm times, we get new cars and we learn to deal without that third cup holder, we have pets who do not go to bed when we do, so we tucker them out in hopes of all of us getting sleep. The new norm happens without you noticing. New routines are in place before you even realize it. New responsibilities for each partner happens. Right now my honey has none and I am picking up his. There is no choice. He has a broke arm and needs to rest. The new norm is he relies on me for just about everything and I am ok with that. I adapt, he adapts, we change and grow. He learns more and more how much I love him, I learn more and more how much I love him, and we ebb and flow into a new routine.

Life is filled with boulders in our way. We see then right as we are about to smash into them and just like that we flow another way. Life has so many rocks, pebbles, and boulders that as a couple if you want to go through life together you both need massive adaption skills. At any point one could do 100% of everything, while the other heals, and honestly that is ok. You need to be with a partner who adapts with you, but who also will be there for you when you have no choice but to be stagnant. Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons even when we do not expect them.

Happy Holidays to you all.
May your days be filled with love, adapting along the way, and friendships that warm your soul. I am so thankful for the friends I have around me. Especially one person who got me through Bio with mad studying skills on adaption.

much warmth and love
your story teller/poet


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