Friendships,Networking, and A Photography Class

Yeah that is a huge name for a blog post. Honestly though this will cover that whole title. I promise. First off friendships. Having friends who are artists like your self are of huge benefit and I will tell you why. First off if your friend has been there, they understand. If they have not, then you will be their voice until they catch up. You can aid each other to advance. You can root each other on the journey toward success. Having friends who like what you do, like writing, has huge advantages. You have to be humble to know the journey will not always be equal, but you need to support your friends in their successes and not feel the green eye of jealousy. You have to support each other with your heart and your head.

Networking with your friends is awesome!!No other way to put that. Helping each other meet art dealers or agents, or anyone that will advance their career is A MAZE BALLS!! I am leaving so much from my girlfriends who have been there and done it, but at the same time I have people asking me how I got to this point and I teach them what to do, write, who to contact, how to publish their works. Networking with your artist friends advances both of your worlds and you draw inspiration from one another.

Now with all that said I met Tracey Clark online many many many moons ago. She started Shutter Sisters where I joined those moons ago and learned more photography tips from other like minded artists. We did projects together like a diptych which is two photos put into one photo side by side. I have learned how to make photo calendars, I have learned editing tricks, I have grown as a photographer with these amazing women as my friends. Some I have met offline, some I hope one day to meet, but the connection is real.

Tracey also started which was an incredible mixture of photos and words. She graciously let me use both to share my view and world with her and the many others who followed the site.Tracey is an amazing lady that even though I have not met her, I know she is a kindred soul with me as an artist.

So a little about her:  Tracey Clark ( is a photographer, writer and mother of 2. She is the author of 4 books including the most recent Elevate the Everyday: A Photographic Guide to Picturing Motherhood, teaches workshops and online classes such as The Picture Series and is the founder of Shutter Sisters. Tracey loves nothing more than to share her insights and inspirations with others and believes that perspective—and love—changes everything.

 You can find her and her amazing books below.

Tracey Clark

Writer . Photographer . Mother
Author of Elevate the Everyday
Co-Author of Expressive Photography

Now you have all been following me, my  photography, my writing , and my journey and you know I would not steer you wrong. Tracey has a photo class coming up that I cannot recommend enough!!!
Here is the link to sign up Picture Spring 

Tracey not only shares her photography with you, but her spirit and energy as well. She is truly a pleasure to know, so pass on this post, pass on the sign up and info. Network among your artist friends, build new friendships in this class, and enjoy the adventure of life that connects us all.

Thank you,
your story teller/poet

PS Hope to meet you in the classroom ;)


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