Turning 42

So today I turned 42. I dont look it,dont feel it,but the white hairs confirm it.
Its been a good year 41 ,but its time for me to move on and be friends with 42. I dont have 42 things I wish id do. I dont have 42 regrets in my life. I try to live every day as if its my last. I tell everyone I love them ALL the time.They are all tired of hearing it,but when im gone,they will remember,she always said, I love you.
I hug people all the time.I treat them special everyday. Im truly blessed with two wonderful children.Tho more like young adults they are now. Its hard being a single mom. Its hard working fulltime,going to school fulltime and juggling it all. Life is hard. Love hard,work hard and most of all PLAY hard!! Ive enjoyed 41 ,but welcome 42 with open arms and hug it and tell it, "I love you".


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