Autumn is my favorite time of the year. It comes in slow in Georgia and a bit late,but I can already notice some changes. I don't suffocate in the mornings when I go out the door.There is a rustling of the leaves already. At night we actually drop down below 80. That hasn't happened in about 3 months. There is a shift in peoples attitudes.The end of the dead heat is coming and they know it. There are friends to get to chat with outside again.People to stop and have a drink of tea with. You want to linger more and enjoy the noticing of the change. Im in classes Monday- Thursday and I feel like im missing it. I have this gift of a three day weekend as the seasons change and I can watch it happen. I hope you relax more,chat more,go walking more. Take time to slow down....see it all happening.The wonders of Autumn are upon us and I for one cant wait!!


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