Do you remember when going to Goodwill or Salvation Army was taboo? People thought down of you,less of you,thought oh poor person with no money. I thrifted then and I still thrift now. I love it!! Its a treasure hunt when you go. Yesterday I found some gems. More sheets that I loved. One with white with Chinese symbols here and there on it. One matched the bottom sheet I bought last week there. My gems tho were a crochetted blanket and a new to me Polaroid. It amazes me how many people give away Polaroids. I dont think they know new film is available now. I even got asked to teach at two different studios about Polaroid, Film and the new process.  I love the feel of Polaroids. My new header is all Polaroids from a recent trip to South Carolina. Ive never been to Charleston and as we were going to Savannah to look at a college,my daughter and I took a little side trip and explored Charleston. I fell in love hard. I was giving weird  looks by a lot of people when I pulled out my Polaroid,but I didnt care. Even some people said,but they dont make the film anymore and off I was running telling them all about the impossible project. So im sharing with you my two favorite finds from yesterday. Do you thrift? what are your fav finds? Share some with me will you? :D

Have a super Sunday!!


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