a postcard from Georgia ,from me to you

Hello,,how are you? Wish you were here. Do you send postcards? I love to send them!!! and receive. I love getting mail with a hello,how are you in it,instead of just bills bills bills. I do hope as your Summer comes to and end you find life settling down again. I know for many its back to school. For the first time ever ,this year I have no kids in public schools. My daughter now attends college. *yes im that old*

Fall is coming!! School is back into swing. Crisp morning air is back ,,YEAHHHHH..still so hot down here in Georgia. I just wanted to ask,,,would you like to send me a post card and get one back? If you are in the US please leave a msg here. Id love some new friends to mail postcards too. And as Autumn creeps up on us...are you happy she is coming,,or sad Summer is leaving.

I hope you have a super night and enjoy the cooler temperatures.
God Bless

PS Wish you were here :D


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