New Year, New Word, New attitude

Evening all,tho Its almost midnight,so good morning also. With the new year fast approaching, have you thought of your word? a word to describe your 2013 life. Something to say who you are,what you want to do with yourself, or what you want to accomplish?

My 2012 word WAS survive. 2011 was not a kind year for me. I had a friend ,who I never met offline, tell me to change my word. At first I was like who does she think she is,but she was right. Survive was not all I wanted  for myself for 2012. So she suggested I change it to THRIVE!!

I change it and notice my attitude for 2012 also changed. I worked my ass off to THRIVE. I sold more art. I was part of a group photographer show and then had my own. I got into honors at college. I became manager of the place I work in. I made jewelry and made money off of it. When someone said would you like to? I answered with a YES!! I changed my attitude and my year changed too. I also got up at open mic night and read my poems. To my surprise people approached me later and loved it. I got to attend a writing conference also which I  got a scholarship to. It has been an amazing year.

New attitude,new word, New Year!! Its that time again. I want to continue in college and work my ass off for more A's. I want to get more writing done and my poetry out there. I realized in 2012, sometimes I thought I wasn't good enough, but no one else thought that. People were amazed by me,my work,my work ethic. In 2013 I'm going into it head first and full throttle, so my 2013 word will be " ACHIEVE" . I will go farther, I will put myself out there. And let me say,its scary at times. Its hard,,but the more I do it, the easier it will become. Nothing wonderful is going to come from me sitting on my butt on my couch. I will write more, do more studying and explore more options in life.

I hope 2012 was kind,but if its not and you made it to 2013, you have another chance!!
What will 2013 be for you? a year of change? a year to do more things to push you? or a year to sit on your couch more? I believe you cant succeed without failing more than a few times, but listen, if you try and don't succeed at something,,so what? You lost nothing,but you tried,you learned,you grew. I believe we all need to push ourselves to do wonderful and great things. There is a quote on my fridge. I bought it for my daughter years ago because she was afraid to try anything new. It says,"what would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

Go into 2013 with a good attitude.  A good word. And looking forward to a great new year and maybe even an improved you!!

Happy New Year !!

PS So whats your word?


  1. Hi Debbsga,goodness it's been a while, I only just got back on flickr after a long break, so good to see you there. I have just freshly completed my graphic design diploma and now I have some more time for my photography again. Yay!
    Great post! You got me thinking about my word. And given I am now a qualified designer I want to make a success of that so I think my word(s) - "Be Brave". I have been putting it it out there and my work is selling, so your post really did speak to me. Happy New Year!

    1. well hello stranger!!! congrats !! when I do open mic night I keep saying to myself I'm a big brave girl. keep saying it and I love your words. you can do it!! and welcome back :)

  2. Dropping by from Write on Edge's Weekend Link Up.

    I think my word for the year is...Enjoy. Enjoy the little things in particular, the things I might take for granted. And get some enjoyment back into my fiction writing - for the last few years it's felt like more of a chore than a first love. And that's done bad things for my productivity.

    Happy 2013. :)

    1. yea I think once it becomes work and not a passion it suffers. thanks for stopping by:)

  3. My word for the year, is "happy" I WILL make myself happy this year!

  4. Yvonne. I strongly believe we need to make ourselves happy. first. then we can make others happy. good luck!!! you can do it!!! thanks for stopping by :)


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