buttercups and barefoot

So today was final number one. Im amazed I even made it to it. Ive been sick since friday night and on some kick germ drugs. With that said,, it is what it is and I let go of it. So what do I do,but of course WRITE!

So a few more little poems to share with you. For you see, I am poem crazy.


the buttercups blew in the wind and took my mind along
buffalos stomped in the dark corners of soul
Winds howled and I heard my voice.
the kitchen crept into my heart

I could hear the mice playing near
every prairie turning and turning by
Sun dipping behind the dancers.
Leaping ,frollicking, playing in my mind

Learning to leave my windowsill open
our lives forevermore entwined

Poem #2 Barefoot

my barefoot soul came to me in a dream
floating along clouds of green
my sould called out to the moonlight

I wrestled to hear my breathe again

I was gone inside to rest
words floated by, but I could not speak
I was sadly adrift
my mind as soft as a feather and could not think

I leave you with this final thought. Do you see words as pretty or ugly?
I hear words. I learn words. Im sucking them all up for future use.
There is a poem in me about carpetbaggers other historical words, but
its just not ready yet...stay tuned.

Ps your challenge this time. its an easy one,tell me what inspires you to write? what space do you use? do you need quiet,noise,the woods,school,work? where is your writing muse at?


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