New Year,,New You?

Greetings all!! So we are two weeks into the new year and I have a question for you. Are you working on a new you? A lot of people make resolutions they never keep,but is there something YOU wanna change about you in 2013. Im not a resolution maker,but I have started working out 5 days a week. Taking it slow and getting back into it.. 3 days on the treadmill, two days doing yoga. I can do the warrior pose like no ones business hahaha.

But is there something about you that you wanna change maybe on the inside? 2013 finds me divorced a decade and I closed off after the divorce. My whole world was work and home. So little by little I came back to me!! Im finally my old self again,but still, always room for improvement. So 2013 finds me looking outward bound. My pastor said something Sunday that stuck with me. You get so bogged down in your own stuff you forget to be outward bound. What I mean by that is that we tend to forget to smile at a stranger. We forget to say thank you to people who are always there. We get so bogged down with the crap,we forget the good!!

In 2013 I'm eating healthier (about time) and I'm looking outward bound. I'm sharing more of me and my writing and photography with others. I'm offering to help more friends learn photography and how to work cameras then I  really am shooting. Im smiling at more people,even if they think im nuts. Im saying thank you to everyone from cashiers to people holding doors open to the mailman. Each year brings with it a chance to change or grow ,depending on how you see it.

2013 is here. Its two weeks old, take hold of it like a baby and grow with it into the New Year. With so many bad things in the world and our daily lives, we need to be more outward bound and more focused on the good and seeing it more then not. We need to look at this year as another chance to make more people happy. Of course we need to make ourselves happy,but I am sure your heart can handle letting a few people in, cant it? My kid wanted Rosemary for a meal and knew I grew it,so I gave him a jar and a jar of Oregano. I plan on sharing my herbs more this year with friends. It never occurred to me that maybe someone else would even want some.Turned out I know a few people who wanted some. I was to closed off to even pay attention to the people around me.

Happy 2013 to you all and remember to look outward bound as you go into the New Year. Now for your next assignment. * you knew this part was coming didnt you?*  Tell me, in 2013 , what will you do to grow,change and be more outward bound?


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