Weight and Honesty

So time to share and be honest about it. Im going to be brave and just put it out there, because honestly on other sites I  post to  seem to be inspiring people and I wanna do that here too. Ive always had a weight problem. And when I say always, I was born 10 pounds. Yeah,,baby aerobics was needed.

Im not one for resolutions. I never keep them, but this year during the 2nd week of January I decided it was time for a change. I got on a scale and somehow was now 250. How did that even happen? With working fulltime,going to school and running, I would just grab something to eat when and where I had time. Obviously this wasnt working.

Well I cant leave my job, and I wont give up school, so I changed how I live and sleep.
I actually get up at 5 AM now. Usually 5 days a week and saturdays we go to the gym at 10. Well come on now,we all need sleep. Im usually at the gym two days a week at 5:30-6:30 and when im not im home doing Yoga with the Wii. I set up my own routine weekly and take it from there. My cores stronger, my backs feeling better, and I can warrior pose like no ones business.

I have also changed how I eat. No more crap. Now with that said, I do it 3 pieces of little candies or snack on peanut butter  and apples. I changed how much I eat and I eat more times a day then before to keep my metabalism going. I also make snacks for work so I dont eat the crap here. I also eat more heart healthy products and more lean meats. I have learned the key to keep me away from the crap,be prepared with something better. Then im good. I make my lunches now in the mornings. Hello I am up at 5AM.

I really enjoy yoga. I didnt think I would. I now have my own mat and my kitty licks my face during downward facing dog. Which I can now do pretty well. Its been a few weeks now and I have more energy. more stamina. more happiness in my heart from all the good things im doing.

I need some good new sneakers, which seems to be a challenge, but I plan on subscribing to a few health and yoga magazines. This is not a resolution,this is not a hey lets diet. Im not dieting at all. This is a , its time to wake up and change how I live, if I want to live longer. Ive lost 15 pounds, Im still doing my exercises. Ill try to include some more updates about it along the way.

With all this said,,, Have a happy healthy monday and no matter what weight you are, just move!! Walk around the block,, then 2 times,,then 3 and keep going!! Its amazing how great you will feel :D



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