Life , Love and chasing learning, or as I like to calling it, keeping up with Biology

Well Hello Strangers,
How are you all? Its been busy,, went on a spiritual retreat. It was an interesting experience.  I did hike down to the lake Sunday alone as all slept and did yoga with the ducks, well and some wild turkeys.

Im struggling with Bio. You prolly guessed that. I had one bad semester a few years ago where I didnt know if I would pass two out of the three classes I was taking, I promised never again, so as I wont tank on the class, I am trying so hard to grasp it all. Honestly taking Health along with win :D

Ive bought a new Orchid ,im sure, hybrid Plant. Ive owned it a week. New Record for keeping an orchid alive. Im taking French and American Lit over the Summer. Still looking for work,but ya know,goes slow. So school it is for right now. Might just be the push I need to go faster to get my degree.

I havent written a whole lot lately. Did write a poem about Satan as the Evangelist at the retreat kept going on and on about him. Ill edit it and share with you soon :D. Im not a fan of Evangelists in general, Billy Graham ,is the exception to the rule. I did adore him so.

My big thing right now this Liberate Your Art 2013 postcard swap. We mailed 6 postcards to the Lovely Kat in Seattle and she swapped them and mailed them once a week to different people. One lady in Scotland contacted me via email saying she got one of my postcards and she loved it :D
Makes me so happy to share my photography with others. My dream, one day to write a poetry book and on page a poem,the other side a photo of how that poem should feel if it was a photo.
This is the lake about 7AM,,so peaceful, so relaxing. I saw my first ever shooting star out here.I met an incredible lady who lost everything due to an addiction and she is in a halfway house and they paid for her to come. She was my wandering around late buddy and my up early buddy. We shared and talked,mostly her, and her story touched me. She is one of the most amazing women  I have ever met.

Life has its moments of GREAT times, but honestly its the smaller ones that mean so much to me. I might be odd one out on this,but I live for the small loving moments. Im a talking,, if you couldnt tell by this blog post, but on this retreat I just listened and it was amazing.

I hope you all are well. I hope you realize that the small moments are what life is all about. We need to treat each other well. Who else do we have on this earth, but if not each other. Be a little kinder today, listen a little more, and be thankful for all the blessings you have. Even the ones you dont know about.

Take care and I promise new poem soon :D Cant wait for classes to be done and I can write again :D.


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