Bonjour,Hola,Guten Tag and Hello!! Life has had more bumps then ups lately with my father in law in the hospital. Many many bad things happening in his body and as he is stable now,,who knows what next thing will come our  way. Tho I am divorced from his son, I still call him my father in law. He is a great man. Shows me so much love and kindness. So trying to get through la classe de la Francais and American Lit this Summer. With losing my job it at least let me sign up for two classes instead of my regular one for summer.

Francais and I are frenemies. Im keeping my eye on it every second and studying,it in turn is plotting against me to do things I dont understand. Like attacking me with verbs I dont like. Je deteste the verb Avoir. Je ne comprend pas!! all im saying.

Summer is officially out all over the US. What are your summer plans? Tomorrow I have class,then unemployment, then class. I live a thrilling life. Are you planning a vacation? Are you traveling? Do share with us and let us all know whats going on in your world. Growing up my summers were at my grandparents house. My mom would drop me off and you could only have a 2 week guest. Then id go home for a weekend and come back. Again,thrilling life as it was, I rode my gma 3 wheel bike or road in the back of it. We went to the lake,but didnt stay long, Gma would burn. Big thrill going to the Grand Onion, * actually called Grand Union* foodstore with my gpa.

I hope summer has many great things in store for you and my collaboration with Carito in Germany continues. Here is week 8 of our photo collab.
She and I are having a blast with this 26 week project. And as a result becoming fast friends with snailmail now going back and forth to German and USA.

I also now have a French penpal we exchange postcards only and only in French,tho she speaks l'anglais perfectly. My world became so small after my divorce,it was me,my kids and our pets and nothing. Now a days I seem to be expanding outwards all over the place. Life has taken a good turn somewhere around the bend. Well off to practice for my oral French exam. Its a job interview. Je suis de Joisey. J'adore les enfants. heheheh

Have a great start to summer!!


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