Well hello and a poem too!

Bonjour all. I hope this post finds you all very well. Summer is truly upon us here in Ga and I can tell by my AC bill. First to repair it then to keep it on. I have been busy photographing events of late and can say I have two memory cards full. Need to do a backup before I delete. You just dont know. My kitty Henry is laying next to me and the lap top watching me type. As a letter shows up on the screen he is trying to get it,,so if I typo do not hold it against me. Silly Henry.

Inspiration: Comes in so many forms. I can come up with poems in my head, but unless I jot it down,its lost. So apparently I put this one in my phone and upon cleaning it up, I came upon this one and thought id share. ( esp since I havent lately)

The name of it is: the Whistling of the mood Pierced my soul

in the middle of the night,
under the pale moonlight.
You came to me in a dream
and once again I could not sleep.

Once again I could not sleep,
for my dream was So real.
my Eyes were asleep, but not I,
In the middle of the night.

for my dream was so real,
I could reach out and touch you.
As I wandered the night alone,
in the middle of my sleep.

Sleep laid awake as I thought of you,
Whistling music in my head.
things I could not shake followed me,
Dreams came to my reality.

reality was nothing like a dream,
for when I woke,
your Soul was gone.
I had lost you once again.

and I prayed the Lord to take my soul,
to take it if I did not live another day.
So that I could be with you
and whatever Reality you were now in.

So apparently im a moody poet full of pain and anguish or at least in my writing ;)
I hope you liked it and as always may your days and nights be filled with love and writing.

What are you writing these days?


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