life's uglies

so I've been reading,,,again, no surprise. Lately though I have been reading about Buddhists. Other religions have always interested me. Other beliefs, other way of living. While I am not a Buddhist, I find it interesting, because so many of their beliefs can be translated to the every day for all.

Recently the book has said that basically life is full of uglies. ( I'm paraphrasing) but in life it is how you choose to deal with those uglies that define you. How you deal with being knocked down, losing loved ones to death, losing a job, or whatever else life throws at you. I find it interesting that so many people go through life so mad, full of hatred that comes out at so many people who do not deserve it. You found out someone you love has cancer, you bite the waiters head off, or you find yourself without a job and you cut of people on the road and give them a middle finger. We connect one thing to the other when in reality they have nothing to do with each other. We do not separate the anger from one incident  and we bring it into what happens next.

Why must we all be so ugly when we have uglies to deal with?

I recently asked a friend of mine if he ever slows down to meditate, relax, just sit, maybe people watch? His answer, like so many other people I know, NO! Like there is something wrong with it. Americans especially are bad at this. Even my family says somethings wrong with me. I slow down, I take deep breaths, I listen to the world. I just sit! Why must I kill myself working ALL the time, or why must I rush so much that life passes me by in a blur? I love my life. I love that I notice rays of sun sprinkled on the ground or a couple at another table who spend hours just talking. Why am I being called the odd one? I do not need a bigger better (fill in the blank) ______________. I love life. I love telling the lady who made my coffee at a place,, Thank you, Yes she is doing her job, but I appreciate it.

I have been working with the kids at camp about please and thank you. They are young and do not even think about saying it. Why? Cause today's parents (not all) do not bother to teach their kids these things. They tell them go play and buy them an Ipod or a new game. They do not spend time teaching their children how to behave, how to react when life hands you the uglies.

My wish for this world is simple. Slow down, be grateful for all you ALREADY have. Enjoy your loved ones. I love watching my grown kids interact and I just watch and know I have taught them well about life. Be graceful and grateful in life and it will get you far, even in dealing with the uglies.

I want to wish all my American followers a very happy birthday as American celebrates another birthday this week. Life is not always filled with beauty, sometimes you get the uglies, but as with getting older, handle everything life gives you with grace and a happy heart and you will go far.

PS this is the book im currently reading if you are interested :D


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