Truth in Love

While I am a firm believer of truth I recently discovered other people are not. Let me clarify, they believe omission is not telling a lie. If the omission hurts as much as hearing the lie then I ask, what is the difference?

Our goal with other human beings is to build relationships. Friendships, dating, family, and of course with our friends. If the person is not telling you half of what's going on then you have to wonder what IS going on?

People try to be honest, but when it comes down to it omission or lies are easier. Yes you look nice in that dress, yes I want to do this with you, yes yes yes, but what they really mean is something totally different. Why do we not find a polite way to say what we mean? I think society has been trained with cell phones, Internet, and technology to just accept instant gratification and not bother putting in the time and effort it takes to cultivate a great true relationship with someone. In a world spinning so quickly we miss connecting with the people around us and find it even harder to talk to them.

Honesty comes by not omitting the hard stuff, the stuff that takes time to talk about, the items you rather avoid and just ignore. Honesty comes from putting everything out there to be discussed in a slow and thorough manner. If you do not think someone is worth the time to be truthful with then you had better pick someone else to be with.

Lies and omission, one in the same to me. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot decide if you need to include a piece of info to someone, then you are probably thinking of skipping telling someone. Let me say, slow down, turn off that phone. Enjoy life with this person who means so much in your life. Talk talk talk. Do not text. Do not email. Before all this technology we used to talk to the people we cared about. We told them everything about our day and we shared.

If we are to busy with work, school, jobs, cell phones,hiding information, telling lies, and conveniently forgetting to tell people issues we have then we break the relationship. Maybe not right away but we place a crack in the foundation and one day it will crumble. Take the time to tell the truth, the whole truth, to the people you love. Take time to be with them, explore the world with them, and place technology on hold.

Do you remember before we had cell phones? People talked at dinner. People communicated and it connected them  to each other. We need to tell the truth, ugly or not, to the people we care about and in order to do so we must not omit, slight the truth, or lie. Value the people you are with and I promise you that you will be happy you did in the long run. Cell phones die, computers die, other devices, but if you cultivate your relationships you will have them for a very very long time.

Remember to connect!

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