Haunting Halloween Story:Part 1

One October night a few years back I was at a concert with a friend. She had received free concert tickets in exchange for doing a TV show about a product. We were waiting patiently for the concert to start when all of a sudden a mad drunken crowd headed right for us. We had no where to move and were frozen in fear. As the crowd moved closer we could see they were not drunk but actually zombies. We were the only ones left as humans and had to run for our lives. The zombies kept coming at what seemed like an abnormally fast past for zombies. It was then we realized that we were falling. We had not physically moved, but we were falling. The zombies were falling toward us, which made them appear to go toward us faster.

At last we hit the ground with a small thud. We had fallen for a little while and were sure we were far from home. It was dark by the time we hit the ground and were unsure of our surroundings.Not a zombie in sight anymore. We had lost them in the fall. We fiddled around in our purses for our phones so we can see what is around us. As soon as our phones lit up we heard a roar. It was loud and sounded close. We turned the phones off and the noise stopped. We turned them back on to see what was approaching and again a loud ROOOOAR!! SNAP! Phones off,phones off!! It was to late. Whatever was approaching came at us with such fierceness that we both hit the ground. We could smell its stink ridden breath on our necks and stood in fear frozen and dared not to move. When suddenly the ground again gave way. We fell again, down down down.
We thought,  "oh crap not this again".

As we fell we talked of our lives, of our kids, relationships, love, college, and everything else we could think of. At one point we talked about the color of yarns. Yes we got desperate. Finally Splash! This time we landed in a pool of water. What was going on? Why did the ground below us keep giving out? At least this time there was some light. We could see water all around us and land to one side of us. Before we could decide to swim to the land we heard a loud noise from below us. It started like a slow gurgle as if water was coming out of a drain. We started swimming and fast. The vibrations below us started to hamper our reaching land. All of a sudden a giant vampire fish came at us with his sharp fangs. What on earth was happening? It was as if all the places we had lived and all the things we have seen were combining together to form some sort of different dimensions were coming together and then splitting apart.

No sooner had we reached the land and caught our breath when the vampire fish tried for us once more. This time the land stayed firm under our feet, but the world in front of us swirled into some demented vortex and sucked everything up except us and our island. We could not keep up with how fast these worlds kept colliding. The vortex starting turning in reverse and we wondered what would be coming out. We held our breath and could not believe what we saw coming out. It was a giant......

And that is part one of this years story for Halloween.  Alternating worlds are scary, but rest assured I am sure a witch or warlock will be showing up at some point. Then we shall see if we can figure out what is going on. Stay turned for next weekends update!!

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