Relationship Connections

There are different kinds of connections we can make. We can make professional connections. We can make friendship connections. We can make relationships of all kinds of connections, but the one I am talking about is the deep rooted love kind. Love and its connected-ness to us.

Being in love, loving someone, (any kind of someone ) is an amazing thing, but how you connect is key to making that relationship work. When your partner touches your hand you feel you have this connection that is deeper than the people who see it. When you are hugged or caressed by your partner you feel instantly happy, connected, and that perhaps you two share a secret no one else can hear. When our significant other touches us in anyway, we feel connected. There is a bond that love builds between two people that only they can feel. If i touch a friends shoulder they do not feel the same as the person who are are in a relationship with.

Connecting on a deeper level is important to our well being. We want to feel we have an allies in this world. Someone we can trust, share secrets with, someone always ( even when we are wrong)  will be by our side. This deep connection roots us firmly in the ground. We can voice our true opinions easier when we know we have a person who has our back no matter what. This deep rooted connection will balance us when we need it, will hold us up when needed, and will allow us to be open with who we deeply are.

Connections root us, but also give us wings. I recently wrote a poem about roots and wings. It always baffled me on how you can have booth at once. I get it now. You need this deep connection with another human to help root you. ( yes you can of course root yourself, I am saying it helps to have someone in your corner ) This person connects to you in such a way you feel grounded to the earth in such a remarkable way that no matter what you will not sink down. This person is here to lift you and lift you they will. This connection will also allow you to fly. They will hold down the fort, so to speak, why you fly. You will soar in other friendships, you will soar in job performance, you will soar to new heights like never before. * again yes you can do this alone * Your connection gives you roots to balance and wings to achieve new heights in life.

Connections ground us. When we feel all full of ourselves this person with just a touch will remind us we are human, we error, we fall and stumble, and by no means are being humble. A touch to gently remind us that though we may be achieving new heights, we can crash back down to earth at any time. *though our partner will be there to cushion the fall *

When we connect on this deeper level, if it is by our partner holding us as we sleep, touching our leg while we sit, holding our hand during all sorts of situation, there is a happiness that comes from this deep rooted connection. For me this allows me to share looks and know what my partner is meaning without him saying a word. This deep connection allows love to flow openly and freely without judgement or harshness. We all can benefit from this deep love and connection with someone. It helps  you soar and keeps you rooted. Connections with touch is stimulating our brains to allow us to feel loved, safe, happy, and that we can soar to the sky without judgements.

Hope you are connected in this way with someone in your life.
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and may your days be bright!!
Your story teller/ poet
Debbie :D


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