End of the Season called 2015

As we close another year and we reflect on what we learn I challenge you to not find where you went wrong or you think your body is wrong,but to concentrate on what you can do to be present in 2016.

Maybe we are good. Maybe we are perfect the way we are. Our legs arent to big,,our bottom is good, our minds are clear, and we can focus on bigger things in 2016.

One of my friends told me once that I was the stone that started the ripples, so here I am on my blog starting a ripple. Maybe in 2016 we can be of better service. Maybe we can strive to spread kindness, Maybe we can serve others, maybe we can stop complaining about something and be our own stone starting something to fix what you are complaining about. Everyone says they are just one person, but wasnt it Martin Luther King JR. , wasnt it Rosa Park, George Washington, and so on and on and on, that started something.  Great movements, items, things, start with that one person.

Maybe you can look into serving in a local soup kitchen. Maybe you can help in your church or other ways. Maybe you can knit blankets for shut ins. You can always help in service in a way that is already started. You can always start something yourself.

With the end of this season and another starting is a great time to think of something you can do to leave your mark on the world. Even if you can do something little to touch one heart, one soul, you never know that you might plant a seed for that person or another. Live in service to others and collect memories and not material things. Do not worry about losing 10pnds, worry about feeding homeless people, making sure everyone has heat. Start something new in 2015. I am going to see about starting a thing as well. We have a local market and I am going to contact the vendors and see about doing a swap market. Maybe even donating things to the local shelter or the mens shelter for food as they only work on donations.

Life is funny. You do not know that you are your own pebble right now, but I know you are, and I expect you all to do something small at least in 2016. You can do it,,think small and work from there.

Happy New Year to you all a little early, but I wanted to get you all thinking of what service you can be to your community in 2016 now.

Your story teller/ poet

Walk the walk,dont just talk the talk,,action in 2016!!!


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