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James & Me at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens
So we all need a little adventure now and again right? ( I see you all nodding) Sunday , after I worked 6 days straight, I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and got to A) see my amazing bf for the day and 2) Chihuly exhibit was going on. Still is till October, so if you are local I highly suggest you go see it.

So I am amazed at how stunning the pieces are ( and how amazing my boyfriend is ) I wanted to share some pieces with you to wet your whistle. You will want to go, I promise.

So here are a few photos of the gardens.


Gorgeous flowers made in glass.
 Misting in the gardens. It is how they water allllll those plants.
Stunning Chihuly glass

So hope you enjoyed the small sneak peak. The gardens are alive, stunning, and so colorful right now. I insist you go see them :D

your storyteller/poet
Debbie :)


  1. What beautiful pictures!
    I love all of your flowers!
    Found your post today on Party in PJ's~

    1. Thank you Melanie. Flowers just make me smile. Hope they made you smile as well :D

  2. These photo's are deffinately a tease. So beautiful Debbie...Honestly if I lived closer I would go. I go to any Botanical Garden that I am lucky enough to come across in my travels...Thanks so much for sharing...and enjoy your week ahead.

    1. Thanks for the kind comments Cheryl. I truly enjoy your blog as well. Thanks for stopping by. :D


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