Rambling Confessions of an Artist

Confession time:

When I am reading a book everyone can starve, including myself, until I get to a point where I actually want to stop.

I wander aimlessly while taking photos and sometimes have to be told a car is coming ( I know a lot of you are nodding with me on that one)

I am both looking forward and dreading my graduation day from college.

I do not know the next step of my life, but trust in the Lord and am just waiting.

I write at the oddest times, and if I cannot write I record my thoughts into my phone, and then write them down into a journal at 3AM.

Putting myself before everyone else helps me and hurts everyone else.

I am so proud of my kids for chasing their degrees and this year we ALL graduate. First generation in my family to all have degrees!!

I drink flavored coffee I make at home, but if I'm in a mood I go make tea.

When depression hits, my house has never been so clean.

I'm on the fence about graduate school because at my age I feel I need to be working and not more school though secretly I would love to get my MFA. Shhhhh!

I read an artist book that said to make time for your art. I used to try and would feel guilty,  now I am like if you do not like myself taking time for my art, that is your problem and not mine.

I signed up to lead a photo walk this year, and it was incredible, because I want to be the pebble and not the ripple of change.

Photography and writing= Photojournalism but  I like them separate instead.

Writing keeps me up at night. If I do not write then I cannot sleep until it is out of my head. But if I stay up to write, I am up writing instead of asleep. Hmmm?

I call myself and author. My definition is different to some people because I am only published in a few literary magazines and blogs. No doubt to me, I am an author.

Photography gives me a power. It gives me power in how I decide to show a scene unfold. I can control how a instant is reflected on.

Ok well there you go,,some things about me, my life, my school and so on.
I hope you all feel free to let me know some of your confessions. I am at the end of my B.A. and just wanted to clear some space in my head. I hope as always all is well with you.

your storyteller/poet


  1. I love your pictures. You have a gift for photography and words! Keep going strong - one day at a time!
    I found your post today on Part in your PJ's.
    Hope you have a blessed day today~

    1. Welcome to my little nook on the internet Melanie. It is nice to meet you. Party in your pj's on!! :D

      Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

  2. Such a wonderful post and to be so articulate about your purpose and goals...I didn't that way until well into my 50's...I'm a late bloomer or one of those ones who put every one else first and me on the bottom of the list. I'm still moving things up...like reading. I love it and yet, it comes last. Not this year though...I've been reading in the morning and at night...both for pleasure and for the technical side of things...
    Your photo's are always so lovely..you are able to find the light...I especially love the blackberry photo above. I'm thinking of really getting into some street photography this year...we will see how the summer goes with that.

    Thank you Deb for your lovely comment on my blog post this morning..it means a lot..that you took the time...
    Have a day fill of wonder and gratitude. Keep a smile in heart and share it with someone. (I tell that to my grandkids every time I leave them). xo

    1. Thank you Cheryl for your kind words. Bloom when its your time I say. You bloomed when you are supposed to :D Read, take photos, practice, play, and enjoy life. I love that blackberry photo to. I sold it once 12x12 framed for $100 made my day someone loved it as much as I do. Take care and smile on!!


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