Writing Prompt Seven

So it is that time again where I put up a photo and you write. I usually do them on Wednesday, but this week was Rush at the college and I worked 10.5 hour days and just came home and died. So I hope you are all writing. I would love to feature your peace if you want to be on my blog just leave a message and we will talk.

Writing is a solitary experience, but once your first draft is down on paper it can become a group activity. Many people who write are part of a writing group. I am part of two right now. The critiquing part is the worse. You think you corrected everything. You think you wrote well and BAM people tell you that you missed all sorts of thing. Honestly they are nice about it, they are there to learn too, and we are all in this together. I think sharing is the hardest thing, but if you can find a fellow writer to share with it can be amazing.

So here is your photo prompt for week #6.
Travel? Photography? Polaroids? Life through the lens? So many possibilities. Good Luck and as always if you want me to help, I am here.

Your story teller/poet


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