Personal & Professional Blend & Writing Prompt 5

Greetings fellow bloggerx, friends, writers, and whomever else is joining us. I want to talk a little bit about personal life vs professional. I am pushing my writing more and and more and recently realized my personal spaces online were filling up with my professional writings. The lines were certainly blurred and I intended to fix that. I opened (Thanks to my dear friend Lisa's suggestion ) I have opened a FB group for my writing side. Debbie Aruta: A Georgia Artist & Author
I needed to separate my two worlds a little. Do you feel you need to do the same? If you have them separate how did you go about doing this? I am considering opening a professional website for my writing. You know with pieces to be considered for freelance paying jobs and such.

Ok well enough of me. Here is writing #5 prompts. I hope you are enjoying these as much as I do. It really gets you pushing the envelope of writing. I bounce between writing poetry and writing short stories with my writing prompts. Writings by Debbie Aruta These are what I have been working on if you are curious.

I have a thing for coffee shops. Who is in there? Who's talking? Who's life is doing what at the time they decided to come?

So write something amazing. Share if you want. Keep it locked away if you want. Sharing your writing is very nerve wracking and it takes time to be confidant to know that your writing should be out into the world. Trust me when I say it is worth sharing though. You learn so much about your writing. For instance you have written out this amazing character and you think you included all the details about him you need, but a fellow co-writer reads it and realizes you left a huge hole about this gentleman and then you can learn what others see, do not understand, and holes can be filled. Trust me find a writing group, go to book readings, absorb all you can!@!!@!

Now go and write!!

your story teller/ poet


  1. Debbie. I can't find the 5 writing prompts or am I missing something? Where are they? Nancy Andres, visitng from the Happiness is Homemade Link Party # 132. Drop by to see my post #236, Why We Need to Eat Orange Fruits and Veggies Daily. If you like what you see, please sign up by email. Lead a colorful life! Nancy Andres @

  2. Hi Nancy Each prompt has its own blog post. The last four are over last month. Just scroll back into my blog feed. I did one a week for 5 weeks now. They are photo writing prompts. You write what you see in the photo. Darkness, happiness, murder, marriage, whatever you see. Thank you for stopping by :D


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