Writing Prompt 14 and a Poem

So with most of my blog being about writing lately, I am sure you are not going to be surprised that I wrote a new poem. I grew up with a step-monster who abused me ( we wont go into that ) and recently I have connected with a soul on Medium.com that was abused too. This poem was in response to her story about her life and about abuse in general. I think maybe more people know it exists, but people do not want to react and do anything about it. We are all happy living in a bubble.

The poem is titled ENTWINED

Every person, every voice, intertwined with the next,

standing alone on a ledge,

whispering help me, longing to be heard.

Struggling to find the thread that connects us to society.

Abuse all around, beating us down, beating us till we bleed out,

outward hatred intermingled through the classes,

through society, through the world,

Abuse around us, we stare instead of react.

Each person crying, each voice drowned out by the next,

each person frozen, fear engulfed and lost for motion.

Standing alone, longing to belong to something, someone,

struggling under the abuser, struggling to survive.

Life’s battering waves, smacking our faces,

abusing our bodies, pushing us down,

Every person’s voice fragmented words of truths,

No one ready to be intertwined, no one shouting STOP!

Each voice calling for help, but ignored!

And now your photo prompt 14...
I hope this week finds you safe, loved, and happy. till the next photo prompt...
your story teller/poet


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