Writing Prompt 12 and Misc.

As a photographer and Writer I feel a need with both mediums to tell a story. Sometimes I tell it in photos and sometimes I tell it in words, but either way it is a story. Stories have been told, retold, and over told on porches, family gatherings, in parks, and other misc. places forever. They could be long, short, a tall tale or fictions tale. Tales could be filled with worlds that do not exist, magical potions, or everyday people. In any sense of a tale, a story is told. It is sent out into the world in a way for others to absorb it.

Our writing prompts are a way to catalyst writing of a tale. I hope you find inspiration in them and enjoy sending your words or own photo essays into the world. I have really enjoyed writing a lot lately. I do not know if it is the cooler weather, the sharpened pencils, or the feeling of more and more of wanting to be published.

I feel a connectivity to writing. I feel it can express my jumbled thoughts into one coherent tale. One word at a time connecting to a thread. Each thread intertwined to pull you into the story. Words become sentences become paragraphs become a story. Each piece collectively making up the whole. I hope you take this weeks prompt and turn it into something amazing.

Happy Story Telling!
yours truly

 Photo prompt 12!! Choo Choo Chug Chug :) All aboard !


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