Photography Shots & My Vantage Point

So it is not surprise with all my photos on my blog that I am a photographer. I realize though that I honestly do not talk about the process. I do not tell you why I shoot what I shoot and I have not told you about why I use the camera I do. Recently I did an artist statement for my photography and I want to share some of it with you, so you know why I take macros mostly and what I want to achieve by taking these.

So here is part of my artist statement:

I use my photography as a way to document nature and bring its fleeting beauty to others who would not otherwise be able to see it. I love to add textures to my work to add a touch of magic to the natural beauty of nature around us. My goals with my photography is to enhance nature in such a way that it makes people yearn to be out in nature and that ultimately it does bring people out into nature. My work is a small gift in the transitory world around us.

One of my favorite items to shoot is leaves. I love them in autumn,but every time of year they are just gorgeous in any form. My #VantagePoint is intimate with the subject. I am almost down on the ground with the leaves. Or straight under the tree shooting up the trunk. Sometimes they are macros, sometimes they are not, but always beautiful light is captured. When I go hiking I trip a lot. I am always looking up, I am searching for the light. I am hunting for the magic and I almost always find it. 

 Capturing the magic is what makes me a good photographer. I see things others do not. I see texture, light, and great #VantagePoint (s).

The photo below was taken on the floor in the woods. I am always looking where I find the light. I follow its rays and try to capture those fleeting spots.

  My favorite place to shoot is out in nature. My Canon 60D has a swivel back so for this leaf photo with the acorns I did not have to get down on the ground. I could look through the back, which was angled so it saw this scene, and I was standing up and off the dirt.

Now I know the 60D is a huge honking camera to be lugging around and I am here to tell you there are some amazing compacts out there. The Light L16 camera is a new camera with DSLR capabilities with a much smaller camera to tow. You can see it here Here
and check it out for yourself.

I love nature. I love bringing it indoors for others to see who might otherwise not ever go into the woods. I picked the Canon 60D a few years back based on I am a Canon gal,but also because of its clarity, diversity, and all the amazing features it in. I can shoot black and white and add a red filter, which intensify the shading in a black and white, right in my camera. I can change a photo to a toy filter and have a regular house look like a dollhouse. It has so many amazing features. I hope you get out, take your camera, large or small, and shoot some amazing autumn and/or light photos.

your story teller, poet
Happy Autumning,


  1. Such a lovely story and group of photo's Deb...Like you, I choose nature most of the time...except if I'm with my grandson's..
    Nature photography keeps us grounded and helps us to see the world a bit brighter. Nature heals...
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us..

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Nature is so beautiful and capturing any of it is amazing.

  2. I love your shots of leaves. The colours are just amazing

    1. Thank you Marian. I just love fall so much.

  3. The photographs are just amazing. Loved them. The content too is pretty strong.


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