Finals and a rest

So this past week was final week in college.Yes im 42 and recently started back at college,,never to old right. I really liked both my professors this semester and have to say,, I had to do a 7-10 page research paper recently and found I really loved doing it. I have not done a lot of writing and I realized I miss doing so.With that said my paper was on Susan Sontags On Photography book.If you have not read it or anything by her please sign off my blog,pull up Amazon and look her up.She is an amazing writer. Its not a technical f stop this or use this lens kind of book.She writes 6 essays in the book and she is so smart and well versed. You will love it I promise.Right now im on her In America and I recommend that too. Im sure ill recommend anything she ever wrote while she was alive.She is a Polish.Smart.Well educated.Amazing Woman!! I hope you are all having a great weekend. I went to a used book sale today and fell in love with vintage French books.Cant explain it,but I love them,so im including some photos with this post from today.When I got home from the sale I had to shoot the books on my white table.I have fallen in love with reading,writing and books again and I thank my English professor for that.He has spent plenty of time chatting away with me about books. So one month to my next class,but for now,rest is mine!


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