Life in a blur

Well hello all. Ive missed you and this space. I had an issue with forgetting my password and then when I got it time slipped away. I hope you are all well. How was your holidays? I am looking forward to Easter. I love the spring,white,bunnies,eggs,children at church hunting eggs. I just wanted to pop in and say im back.
Check out my shop if youd like and see what ive been up to and im offerring the first person who contacts me on my etsy a free print with a purchase of equal or lesser value. Buy a print say for $20 and get another $20 print free or a $10 or $15 one,,you pick. Come by and say hello I say first person but,if I get three peeps,ill do it for all 3 of you and share the love.

Hope all is well

PS put the name of the free print in a memo to me when you check out so you dont get charged for it and ill send you both prints :D


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