There are days and then are DAYS!! You all know what I mean. I'm having a hard time with a certain person in my life. I'm not myself around him because he didn't seem to like that person anymore. I never change for anyone and realized that I was at the breaking point and needed to be me. I never change for anyone, why start now?  I'm a loud robust Italian. I love life,I love to love, I love to spoil and most importantly I love to cook!!! Yeah i'm an Italian. When the world and people are so judgmental its a shame more people aren't themselves. We tend to scale back ,but I am  a passionate person and this world is just going to have to live with it. I am single,have been for closing in on a decade now. Id love to find that one,but honestly my life doesn't revolve around that. I'm happy. My life is busy,full and wonderful. In this world where we all bend to please,is it worth losing ones self to be what everyone else wants. Why do we sort change ourselves? Why not let people see who we are,,crazies and all!!


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