Writing Marathon

This past friday I was able to take part in my first ever writing marathon. What is a writing marathon you might be saying, well its where a group of people agree to meet,write and read. At the end of the reading all you say is Thank you for Sharing. No comments other than that!

I was in a group of three and one was an English major, One was not. It was neat to see how each processed their writing and what they thought of their own writing after it was over. I was also interviewed by the college about what I thought about the whole adventure. You have a route and a list of spots to stop and write for 10-15 min each time.

I really enjoyed it all and made some new friends. I wrote poetry of course. One of the poems I wrote was titled Storms and well you can see what its about... here it is


Thunder, bumping,rolling right
Laughing, bumping through the night.
Sit and watch the world turn round.

Flashing Loudly, when we see a sound.
Bright as day,but dark as night.
Yearning to be near you tonight.

Come climb into bed with me.
We shall snuggle Endlessly.
Momma hold me , what was that!!
oh Honey, its just our silly cat.

Frightened ,scared and tucked in bed.
All I see if his little head.
When he grows I'll miss the storm.

He made the world so so warm.
Hugging, Kissing,Snuggled In.
No more for me and none for him.

He will remember none the storms,
but will remember snuggles with me.

One day  he will pass it on.
Son of mine and son of his.

Snuggling always in a storm.
Holding on so tight to him.
There will be no fright for him!!

All rights reserved,this poem is mine and shall not be used in whole or part without my written permission.


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