Weight,photography and writing

So this is an all encompassing post. Weight first, im still working out 5-6 times at gym,but its frustrating cause I wanna loose the weight ,like yesterday. I have to realize it took years to get me to this point in my life and its going to take years for the pounds to come off. Im down a few more pounds, im noticing muscle definition, but you know,,takes time. I now do weights three times a week to go along with treadmill. I have to say I LOVE the treadmill,yes I know,,dont kill me for saying it. About 10 min into my 50 min work out, I get my breathing down to a science with my step and I can feel it all lining up and then im good to keep on going to the 50. But those first few min,,hard to get breathing right, steps are off and I stumble. Its a journey im on and I need to remember im just taking the first few steps of it. Im on week 6 now and still going strong with my work out partner. We push each other to go the extra mile or min as it may be :) Oh the photography front ,, Im still partnering with Maureen in Ca and now with Carito now from Germany too. The one with the yarn and flower is ours. The other two are Maureen and my photos. Carito and I are doing 26 colors over 52 weeks of collaborations and im super excited to be working with her. She lives across the Rhine river in Germany from where I used to live in Eltville Germany. Life is so small and so big all at once. I also just got back from a juried photography contest where I took home honorable mention and got a membership to the place for a year for free. ive showed you that one before,thats the one that won. :) and to think if it wasnt for my boss, I wouldnt have even entered. Im now getting ready to submit works for another gallery. Cant wait!! As for the writing,well all I seem to have time to write is lab reports for my Biology class. No one wants to EVER read those. hahaha I hope to take out my camera more with the changing of the seasons and hope to be able to do some writing soon. In the meantime,dont kill me for all the photos :D Hope you all have a super night and weekend and xoxoxooxo Now thats enough about me,,what are YOU up to? xo Debbie


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