So Weight and food

So Im not going to say this is an easy transformation,but im going to say this, Im still doing the gym three days a week, now walking the trail in town,,FAST one day a week, still doing yoga, 2-3 times a week and im watching what I eat.

Im an emotional eater,period!! Anything good bad,up down, I eat. With the lay offs at work and my job hanging in the balance of it all, I could eat and I thought no no,its been 6 weeks and im down to 228 pnds. Started at 250 ugh. Never again. So now when I get stressed, I walk!! If I have to stress eat, I grab special K cereal or an Apple.

They say it takes 8 weeks to change your life. Well I could see the process as I come out on the other side. I have worked my butt off and HELLO its getting smaller ;) Each day its becoming easier to eat healthier, walk more, and realize this IS a life altering change. I will not going back to being a blob on the couch. I will walk!!! and yoga my way into fitness.

My cat henry does yoga with me and still tickles my nose when I do downward facing dog. Life is a journey. Its something to be treasured and I knew at the way I was going I wouldnt be around long enough to enjoy it,enjoy grandbabies or anything else God has in store for me. Oh yeah I applied for a youth director position too.

Change is always around,you cant direct it,it comes at you,so my NEW plan is to be prepared. I can do 45 min now on the treadmill,even downloaded some fitness apps to my phone for working out. I burn more calories and do more incline. I push myself to be a better me and my jeans now need belts and my rings fit different fingers cause they were to loose.

Enjoy your journey. Ill catch up again with you soon. If youd like to share your journey with me, Id love to hear it.



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