so an obsession with Francis

So i'm taking my first language class at college this semester. FRENCH!!! I am so excited. I took Espanol in HS and I lived in Germany,which left French. So I have been listening to French music on my phone, I have an app for learning French. (apparently there IS an app for that hahaah) So with this all said,,, here is my latest work...and as always,,do not take it, copy it or use it in ANY way!!

Cafe Musica

I sat in the Cafe,
musical notes floated all around.
Their language was a tongue,
I could not understand.

"Parlez-vous le francis?", someone says to me.
I said no and smile at them.
Their smoke cicles my head like a halo.
It engulfs me into another world, I was not prepared.

Walking along the rue , I saw people in love.
I noticed buildings that looked at you,
so you will never leave again.
They welcomed you in .

I am now on the upside down world.
I was in a place, I was not sure I wanted to be in.
Artists eyes meet me and cut to my soul.
Had I loved to be one of them?

Pink seemed like a happy color till now.
Buildings trapping color everywhere.
Was this area a different world?
How I longed to be back at that cafe, but I was lost.

Finally,sitting, I heard the music again.
All the eyes had turned to tongues and magic
was all around me again.
Smoke circled my head again like a halo.

Sitting down, eyes closed, worlds collided, tongues tangled.
I decided to just listen and let my heart relax.
Happy am I to be in Paris,
happy is my heart  to be so full.

The End !

Hope you like it.
And here is my latest Collab with my new friend in Germany

This is our fifth one. Funny how the person who responded to me saying who wants to do a collaboration is someone in Germany. We only lived a few hours apart so many years ago when I lived in Wiesbaden, Hessen, Germany. Small small world. I hope this Sunday evening finds you all well. Its raining like cats and dogs here. But I do so love listening to it. I enjoy the sounds of nature so much.

Happy Rainy Sunday Night to you all!!


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