life and the keeping up in it

So my son and DIL were in the process of moving this past weekend. I was in for 30+ hours of help. I havent been to the gym since friday morning. I figured loading a 26 foot uhaul,lifting a compressor thats bigger than me and a grill and sooooooo many other things. I didnt need the gym. Tomorrow morning tho,,back to the gym morning routine. My body told me it needed a few days to recover to what I had just done to it. I will be happy to get back to the gym. I miss the feel of it,,the strength I get inside and out from working out.

My semester is over!!! PARTY!!!! One A and one B, B for Bio and let me say,,so hard a subject for me. A lot of abtracts which I dont work well with. But done!!! In the Summer I have another lit. My third one and last lower lit. I also have French,which im so looking forward to. Ill have to study hard for that one, but something about the language. Im prolly going to take as many classes of it as I can. Id  love to speak Francais!!

So whats going on with you? I promise to have a new poem for you soon. Writing has fallen to the wayside. Do you write?  I have time off before Summer semester,but im booked up almost all weekends till then with photo shoots. Which is a good thing. I was hoping to read, but Ill live heheheh. So are you an artist? What is your median? I had a hard time being labelled an Artist. To many it means someone who is slacking and doing nothing for a living. Im now proud to say, I AM AN ARTIST. I am a writer, I am a photographer. I have been asked by a fellow photographer about him shadowing me for a wedding. I was a little taken a back by that, but then thought wow,he thinks im the good photographer. What a nice thing to say.

My journey with photography is a long one, but my journey with writing a bit shorter. I know I wont be able to make a living off writing,,unless I become stephen king hahahah.I know tho that if I dont follow my passions in life and I just go sit in an office, Im not going to be happy in life. I want to be happy. Dont you? I hope your journey has let you follow your passion.

Now Id like to know someones out there and that you have a passion of any kind. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you do,,share a link to your site or blog or whatever you have your items on. Im all about the love,sharing and helping each other out. Share my blog on yours. Tell people about your passions and share share share.

Im wishing you good health and happiness.


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