a new poem

              Wow has it been almost a month since I wrote in this sacred space? Life has gotten away from me and I feel like im slipping farther and farther behind. I am still looking for work,but currently going to school fulltime. I have joined some groups and I am working on thinking more globally and not so internally.

I also have been learning learning learning. I always feel like im so behind everyone else when they speak in classes. I dont feel smart, im not a young 18 year old student (though thank the lord for that one) I realized I am not what "I" thought I should be..till today!! We were discussing something in one of my classes and I answered brilliantly and I thought BAM! finally my brain has kicked in. The teacher even commented on it and said I said it brilliantly. I answered with info from three previous classes and thought wow I did learn something. I am my own worst critic. I am super hard on myself and I feel like I have to work three times as hard as everyone else.

With that all said I 10000000% enjoy my creative writing class. It is by far my favorite and I so enjoy writing. A young lady and I were in class discussing writing and if im so blessed to go full time in spring, I am taking another creative writing class with her. We discussed all sorts of problems we have with writing and it was really amazing. She is an incredible writer and to my amazement she thinks the same of me.So I have a new poem for you. I think my poetry has gotten a lot better and this is a mimic poem. I was mimicking Anya Silvers poem, " To my body".

I hope you like it and if not sorry,but it is my own sacred space to share heheehe

Title: Closing my body to you
(Poem To my body by Anya Silver)

I yearn for you to pull me slowly,
my grief  slowing  our minds thoughts,
Reaching over many miles,
Intertwined our thoughts combine,
My insides exposed, my bleeding soul dries up,
heart, liver, hands,
Ripped from my insides, exalted inside,
exhausted on the  outside.
The dead will delivered my feelings to your door.

Easily I slip through your mind,
leaving residue inside your thoughts.

Right now pulsed back together, stitch by stitch
Lying with my insides exposed,
yearning for someone to share my life.

I catch my breath and realize time is gone.
I just wanted you to,
stay with me till the end.

 and I leave you with a fair photo from last night. Got there right at Golden hour and couldnt have been more happy about that :D


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