Life, connection and Sharing

Some days you feel like you have nothing to give. Not that you cant go on, because you can, you just feel like anything worth contributing has left your being. Then we are reconnected and share. We meet new people who listen to us and learn. We might not have cured cancer, but we have been there and done it and can share the bumps with others. Life has a way of kicking you in the teeth. We have all had those days, then there are days that remind us that WE are the ones keeping ourselves down. We are the ones who think we have nothing to give, but really we have tons.

People have different journeys in life. We aren't all going to the same place at the same time. Just imagine the traffic jam that would cause. We set our feet one in front of the other and before you know it, we have made a journey. Today with sharing my writing with others I connected. I was not judged. Tomorrow I do it again with a writing group I belong to. We share, we connect, we journey. Sharing a piece of yourself, much less your heart, is a scary thing. We need these days of connecting without judgement for us to see what everyone else does. WE ARE WORTH IT!! WE ARE SMART!!

Isnt it funny how as a society we are programed to compliment others and never ourselves? We put others first and if we DARE to put ourselves first, then we are being stuck up. We need to tell ourselves first that we are bright , beautiful, daring and what we have to offer is worth sharing.

One of my classes, my teacher pointed out that we need to have a small scope on a story. Well we need to do this with our lives. We have a large scope and think we are not worth a whole lot. Well ok so we didnt cure cancer, but I did help people out today with insight, knowledge and lending an actual hand. We need to take a micro look at what we do. We can make someones day,including ours, everyday. We need to strive to take baby steps, normal steps, or big steps all the time, but steps in a forward connecting and sharing way.

I have amazing teachers. I really do. I might gripe about this or that, but I wonder if they know how much they have actually taught me. No matter what it is, I can apply it to my daily life. I can take the knowledge and apply it to my world outside of school and sharing myself, connect with others and teach in my own ways. I am beautiful. I am bold. I am an artist and I am a writer.

Dont let anyone tell you, you are garbage. Dont let yourself tell you that either. You are beautiful and you ALWAYS have something to offer and something to connect you to others. I hope you are all doing well and Happy Autumn to you all. And as always a few photos for you from me. A gift to remind you of beauty all around.



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