life has other plans

Greetings all,
It is chilly once again in Georgia. I have jeans on, a long sleeve shirt and a sweater. Pretty soon it will be time for hot tea and britcoms. After all it is a Sat night. I had plans on going full-time to school till I graduated. With graduation in sight after a few more semesters I was getting excited, well life has other plans. I ended up in the ER with my blood pressure a bit high,heart racing and sinus infections over and over. So I prayed about it and dropped a class for fall. I am going to do three instead of four. I realized I do not learn as quickly as I used to, I need more time to process and my health is suffering. I am not on to many meds to count and I dont like meds!! I decided I needed to slow down my life, so prolly three classes a semester and to make up for it, two over the summer time. That is my plan, but life has other plans I am sure it will throw at me. I am learning to let go of what I think I should do and listening to my body. This semester, truth be told, has been hell. I am on campus a long long day and in the fall only 9:30-3:30. Easy peasy. I am currently looking for a Summer job to help with all the bills, which is another huge stress. Where is money for bills, food, AC and so on even coming from. While I have faith it will work out, I feel like Job asking God, WHY ME and do something and saying WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GOD? But I realize it was me, my doing and my going full tilt 7 days a week with school and other items and I am choosing to slow it down. I should still graduate Spring 16, but maybe without having a heart attack. When life changes your plans, what do you do? Do you go by the seat of your pants? or are you a planner like me? I know we all have our own ways, but mine is def not health wise working for me. I now have to many meds to take and I dont want any of them, so im making more time for me, walking, listening to my soul and slowing my world down. If it is even just my little world.

I hope this quick post finds you healthy and happy in your world. I leave you with a few calming photos and wish you a very VERY Happy Easter to you all. or Passover :D Or whatever you are celebrating this holiday weekend. Celebrate yourself if nothing else,, you are beautiful and amazing!!


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