moments missed

With life moving so slow and so fast at the same time, I catch myself sometimes with my breath stuck in my heart. I cant seem to push myself forward. I miss sitting on the porch with someone to snuggle and talk to for hours. I miss hugs and having someone to share my life with. I realize I am missing moments I should have.

My kids are adults. I feel like ive missed so much with them, even though I was there for it all. How did they get so old? Who allowed that? This weekend I am doing a girls weekend with my daughter away. Much needed for us both. On a shoe string budget we are heading to Fl for a weekend of beach, riverfront walking, pool side chat and relaxation. I am looking forward for being present for it all. I am only taking my small camera with me and I am going to disconnect and enjoy her.

School is almost done for the semester also. I feel like I went through the motions this semester. I learned a lot. I was there, but I dont know how to explain it, I feel like I missed life. Esp. now with three papers due, three finals, an oral report in French and so on. Life seems to pile up till I feel I missed more moments

Today I spent over three hours on yard work. My yard kicks butt now and Im super proud, It was soooo needed. I wouldnt mind having someone in my life who said,, ive got it, you go study,, JUST ONCE. I feel like I give and give so much of myself to everything that again I am missing moments.

Do you ever feel that way? Even though you were there for it all? Tell me I am not insane? Between yard, school, looking for a job, driving back and forth to campus and Macon for events I am spent.
I think I need a new chair for outside. A little side table and some margaritas. Once this semester is over that is where you will find me. Catching up on missed moments.

I hope life is treating you well. I hope you are catching all your lifes moments and enjoying them. Life is short and if nothing else, be present and catch the moments in your heart!

Much love


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