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I have read a lot of books lately on soul writing. Deep soul connective writing. And the more I read, seems the less I write. With finals this week and next week my mind is numb. I have written some, I think, excellent papers. I have worked my heart hard on doing the best that I can. So maybe now I will have time to write more that is just for me.

Do you write? Do you write short stories, journals, essays? If you write, what do you like about writing the most? Do you have a routine, a favorite place to write? Do you write down to your soul? Writing down to your soul is an amazing book by Janet Conner and I highly recommend it. I take all the writing books I read with a grain of salt, so the expression goes, that I take what I need from them and  leave the rest. Janet's book though, I have to say, I took a lot from. Writing down to your soul is a great book. You can get her book on amazon, but take heed when I say, be prepared. She has a way of touching your soul, so that it comes across in your own writing.

I have just finished the Artist Way, by Julia Cameron, which you can also get on amazon and I think that is aimed at you finding your artist.( hence the title) As I already found her, I think it was just a good read with some fine information, but not for me. I have started a new book called, One Year to a Writing Life: Twelve Lessons to Deepen Every Writer's Art and Craft, by Susan M Tiberghien. She is an amazing writer and I look forward to writing more personal essays. She writes about them and how people turn them into books later on. I really like her writing style and highly recommend her. 

I have started writing to my voice about issues in my life. Stumbling blocks that keep me from achieving what I need to do. The voice that says, you are not worth it, why do you think you can do this, who do you think you are? As artists we hear that voice time and time again, but do we need to listen to it. I admit I have and now a days I tell it to shut up! I imagine a voice in front of me and I writing a story, in my mind, all over it to shut it up. 

Life has its ups and downs, why not turn them all into good, great, super stories. I would love to see what you have written. Or hear about a book you read that helped your creative juices. As always I leave you with a closing thought. Closing thought: If you could shut up your voices that say you are not a writer, what would you write? Id love to know, so please share.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" ,Ghandi


  1. Hi Debbie ~ I just came on to your blog to thank you for following me on Instagram and for liking my photos. :o) I loved reading your piece here, and thanks for the recommendation on "Writing Down to Your Soul" - I will definitely check that out!

    I have always loved writing and I feel like I am slowly finding my own voice through writing on my blog. I can feel myself entering a new phase in that I have some (old) issues with my parents that I need to deal with, and I know that writing is the way. Though I may not share it all on my blog, it will be so good for me to write it down. ;o)

    Wishing you a happy Friday and a fun weekend ahead!

    ~ Deb


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