Sunday Stories: Coffee Houses, Third places and the places you will go....Paris Adventures

So if you have been with me on this space for awhile you will know a few things about me.

#1. I am a very passionate person
#2. I am a very artistic person
#3. I love the universe wholly
#4. I am a writer and photographer. I am a sister and mother and many other names.
#5. I am here to tell you stories and share my life with you.

With all of the above logged into memory let me say this. I am a very passionate person about things I truly believe in . I believe this world, le monde, has a need for more love, more passion and more third places. I did a huge project about the third place and I have interviewed owners of coffee shops. I love when a third place lets me combine all of my loves (#1-5) together.

I love a place where I can be passionate about art,,photos. I love a place that thinks outside its four walls and into the community. I love a place that lets me teach writing workshops for youth and lets me share my photography with the community for two months. I love a third place that does all of that. A place where many stories unfold. A place where people come and interact with others they don't know.

Coffee houses, if friendly, knock down the walls we put up as humans. They let you smile at a stranger. You feel connected as a community with the people in this space with you. There is no dont glance at someone, there is oh let me get you a napkin. Walls disappear when people feel safe. It does not differ based on relationship type. Comfort is comfort, safety is safety.

With all of the above said... I am going to try my hand at Sarah's story of Paris. With Paris being in the news so much lately and with me possible thinking of applying for my MFA in Paris its just been on my mind.

Sarah in Paris ( Part 2)

Sarah arrives at the Paris airport with her girlfriend first thing in the morning. Well it would be if she didn't just go 8 hours ahead from NYC. She is exhausted and falls out the plane door and grabs her friend's hand to hold her up. Both girls move through the airport excited but exhausted and go to get their bags. A few minutes later with suitcases in hands and new lattes to keep them away they make their way to the limo that has been sent for Emily, Sarah's friend.

The driver puts all the girls bags into the trunk and makes sure the girls are settled inside. He said its a good time to drive through Paris, because it is not rush hour. The girls both look at the traffic leaving the airport and wonder what rush hour would look like. Traffic was almost at a crawl. Cars, trucks, buses all backed up. The driver pulls out abruptly and the girls and throw back into their seats hard. They giggle as they are jostled and wonder what the driver thinks he is driving.

They pass Notre Dame church and are almost at their hotel. They are so excited and exhausted they are giddy. As they pull up to their hotel they would ooooh and awww , but as the driver soon finds out they are sound asleep in the back. He opens the door and clears his throat loudly. The girls wake alarmed. He says Mademoiselles we have arrived at your destination. He dumps the girls on the curb with their bags and speeds off back to the airport. They are sure he is a crazy driver till someone almost jumps the curb and hits them. The driver parks and jumps out, races past them and heads into the hotel.A young guy with a baseball hat and jeans was all they saw.

Upon check in they realize how exactly tired they are. They decide to take a nap in the room so they can make it into the Paris night. They do not want to miss a chance to go out on the Paris night life. Both climb im to their own bed and within minutes they are sound asleep. Emily is snoring snuggly on her bed cover while Sarah has climbed under her covers. Neither girl is moving.

When they wake up they realize its pitch black out. They slept till the middle of the night, which in NYC  would be morning. Both girls jump up wondering what happened. How did they sleep so long? They missed all Paris's nightlife or so they think. They decide to get dressed up and head out anyways. Who knows what Paris's nightlife is like. Maybe it doesn't start till 1AM. On the way out of the hotel they girls hear a lot of loud music on the lower floor. One of the ballrooms maybe. They decide to follow the noise.

The girls arrive at the ballroom doors and as they are about to open them they same young guy in jeans and baseball cap run past again and this time he knocks Sarah down. He stops and red faced turned toward her and apologized and offers his hand to help her up. She takes her friends instead and tells him to watch where he is going. He tells the girls it is his party and he is in town for an art showing and had his Paris friends come over for a party before he reveals his art. He invites the girls to the party, but as he just knocked Sarah on her rump they decline and walk away. He calls out his name, " I am  Jake by the way." The girls wave without turning around and head out the doors of the hotel and are ready for their first Paris adventure.

And so here starts the start of Part 2 of Sarah's Grand Adventure. I really hope this girl finds love at some point ,,hmm maybe.

New year,, yew Sarah Story. Hope the new year finds you all enjoying life and loving al the new adventures that will come your way. I know I sure am. Love is a very splendid complicated thing.
But ahh le grande amour is so wonderful and life's adventure is amazing every day. Even when they day is bad.

So for now.. au revoir your story telling friend

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