Best Friends+20 Years= Living through it all together.

Mine and my besties anniversary is fast approaching. 20 Years! I knew when I met him I would always be involved in his life and him in mine. We have been through many relationships, including the one that just ended, he has let me cry on his shoulders, I have let him lean on mine. We have had our rough times and plenty of good. He makes me belly laugh and for those who read this and really know me you know it doesn't happen much. He has my heart always :D

We have been to Braves games, NC trips, plenty of fun and amazing times. Corn maze races, horse shoe playing. He loves my energy and spirit. Even on coffee hehehe That's real love. He never tries to change me or me him. Its unconditional love and for that I am forever thankful.

With us on the brink of 20 years I find myself once again looking back at my life. Since he has come into it he has made it so much better. He calls when he knows I'm blue. Like tonight. He never judges me, nor me him. We can sit and him read a paper and me a book for hours. He lets me be and I let him be and in complete silence there is no awkwardness there is no judgement there is acceptance in the silence and I love him for it.

20 years is a lot of secrets. Secrets sorry I cannot tell you, but know he has a good heart and he is amazing. In order to remain friends 20 yrs you would think there was a lot of issues, but honestly we bend and meshed the minute we met. Even if we do not see each other, we know the other one is always there for each other. We have had our fights and I think we each ended the friendship 6 times, but honestly we end up back together in no time. Friends who love you just as you are ,are such an amazing gift. I love him to the moon ,round the universe and back 10,000 times.

 See that smile? Its huge. He is amazing!!
I met Michael online and we fast hit it off. We are the friends who you wish you could be. People ALWAYS think we are an old married couple. We sit on a bench right next to each other. We know what the others thinking with just a look. 

To Michael, an amazing gift that has been given to me,,and me to him. I love you with all my heart and my life is better for having you in it. Thank you for calling me tonight and making me crack up so hard I spit out my tea. You rock!!

To all the best friends out there, may you always be friends and may you always crack each other up!!

From your storyteller,


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