a poem for the man I love

there was a time when love did not exist,
a pace that I struggled to keep up with.
there was a time when I felt empty,
a place in my heart that yearned for you.

if I told you everyday for the rest of our lives,
that I loved you, it would never be enough.
if I told you that I was lucky to be with you everyday,
it would not encompass the gratefulness in being your love.

you opened your heart from a place of darkness,
saying I was the light you needed in your heart.
you love me freely from a place of trust and hope,
saying I was the love that you needed in life.

if I told you today I will spend forever with you,
and you said yes, id be your life forevermore.
if you told me you wanted to spend forever with me,
and I said yes, id be the luckiest lady for life.

you hold my heart gently but firmly,
you love me so tightly I can feel your heart.
you hold my hand tightly by caring,
you love me completely, but hold me with wings.

conflict and strife may swirl around us,
together we take it day by day.
resolution and happiness are slowly
coming our way, together.

day by day we build a foundation,
holding each other, holding up the walls.
leaning our burdens on each other,
stronger together, to never part.

love is our foundation, started many moons ago,
coming fluidly around in full circle.
Love is our foundation, now and forever,
stronger together, we will never part.

Sometimes emotions get the better of us and poetry is the only way to express ourselves. Writing is freeing and my passion. This man who I love wholly has my heart for life as I have his also. Life is such a great journey. You never know who or when someone will come into your life. I am truly grateful for this incredible soul who has chosen to spend his life with me. We are together. We love deeply. For his strength that he lends me I am thankful. For his love I am so grateful. With this month being about giving thanks, I am giving thanks to him for choosing me to love. May the holiday season be a joyful one for you all and may your hearts be full. It is not the boxes and bows or even the turkey. It is family. It is your children, aunts, uncles, everyone who you love and loves you.
May this holiday season find your heart has grown three sizes this year.

Happy Holiday Season to you all,
Your story teller/poet


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